Sir Harry Lauder Will Be Smiling!

Picture of Harry Lauder taken in 1909

Harry Lauder in 1909

We recently reported on a planning application at 46, Longley Road, Tooting for 5 terraced  houses, each of three storeys, to be built in the rear garden. This is the house with a blue plaque on the front celebrating the fact that Sir Harry Lauder lived here between 1903 and 1911.  THG lodged an objection, along with 30 other individuals. Wandsworth Council planners have now decided to refuse the application. The decision notice gives four reasons for the refusal. You can read our original report and objection here. You can see the planning application and decision notice here.

3 comments on “Sir Harry Lauder Will Be Smiling!

  1. janslimming says:

    Excellent news. Glad to see that sense prevails!


  2. Maisie says:

    So pleased its planning has been refused use to Live opposite this house 51 Longley now living in Australia nice to see history staying put.


  3. Philip Manners says:

    Good news.


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