Beating The Bounds Of Tooting Graveney Parish

In 1884, a very precise description was published of the boundaries of Tooting Graveney Parish. It details the boundary fields of the Parish,who owned them and what they were being used for. We are retracing the route again in July 2019 and hope to evoke some of the historical landscape of late Victorian Tooting, stopping at the historic buildings and boundary markers on the way.

Tooting Graveney was the smallest parish in Surrey so the walk is approximately 8 miles long. We will be taking a break half-way round and you can join us for the morning or afternoon session or preferably both.

The walk is on Saturday 6th July. We are starting at 10am at Amen Corner at the junction of Mitcham Road and Southcroft Road. We will be taking a break for lunch in Tooting and reconvening at 2pm outside The Selkirk Pub, Selkirk Road (Junction of Fishponds Road) ,SW17 0ES.

Last year we did the walk in baking hot temperatures so bring some water and wear suitable footwear, as they say in all the best walking guides!

Poster for Beating The Bounds Event on July 6th 2019

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