“Early Tooting Bec And Its Reputed Priory”

Graham Gower spoke at our AGM earlier this week about The Manor House Of Tooting.  He has previously published an article in The London Archaeologist about “Early Tooting Bec And Its Reputed Priory”.  You can read the article from 2012 online by clicking here , together with some photos.

Tooting Graveney 1826

Extract from: “Summary of The Poor Rate Minute-Book For 1825-1834”

1826 Resolved “that four men in the poor-house be appointed to perambulate the roads from half-past eight o’clock in the morning to sunset, to prevent all gambling, remove all vagrants, and to sweep the following crossings daily when necessary, to take the duty alternately two by two per week according to the following regulations: The man who takes the south end of the parish, the crossing opposite Mr. Proctor’s, Wm. Strachan’s, the ‘Rising Sun’, Mr Clark’s, Mr Durst’s, and Mr Lord’s; the other man opposite Mr Stevenson’s, Mr C Chapman’s, Mr Winder’s to the Merton Road, Garratt Lane and any other places where necessary.” The following persons were directed to perform the duty: Thos Gunter, Robt Elmore, Edmd Best, Wm Tyrell.  “Church Lane as far as the church to be swept every Saturday afternoon.”

Source: “The History of Tooting Graveney, Surrey. Compiled from original documents”. William Edward Morden p274.

Originally published 1897, reprinted by the BiblioLife Network.