Tooting History Group Christmas Quiz 2017

Picture of Robert Lindsay as Wolfie Smith

Our recent Christmas party had a Christmas Quiz about Tooting (and a DVD of Citizen Smith).

Out of 16 possible points, the highest score was 12. See if you can do better. Answers to be posted after Christmas.

  1. When did Tooting Broadway underground station open?
  2. How many passengers went through Tooting Broadway station in 2016 (nearest 100,000)?
  3. Where was the original workhouse for Tooting Graveney parish?
  4. What was the name of the old Roman Road through Tooting, now the A24?
  5. Which Roman town was at the Southern end of the Roman Road?
  6. Which town was Sidney Lewis sent to train as a machine gunner when he signed up for the British Army?
  7. What was invented at a rock and roll concert at the Castle Pub, Tooting in 1970?
  8. A statue of which king stands outside Tooting Broadway tube station?
  9. When was the Tooting Parish Church of St. Nicolas rebuilt?
  10. When the Tooting Granada opened in 1931, how many people could it seat?
  11. Which two world-class snooker players played at Zans Snooker Hall in the 1980’s?
  12. Which actor played Wolfie Smith in Citizen Smith?
  13. Which music hall artist is commemorated in a blue plaque on Longley Road?
  14. Where was St. George’s Hospital located before it moved to Tooting?
  15. What is the name of the running grounds which were located just off Garratt Lane and commemorated with a green plaque this year?



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