Wandsworth Parks And Open Spaces Quiz

The Wandsworth heritage Festival runs from 26th May to the 10th June this year. The theme is Wandsworth Parks and Open Spaces. In advance of the festival, you might want to have a go at the quiz below. Answers to be posted in a few weeks.

                                                 Heritage Festival 2018 Parks and Open Spaces

Did you know? … twenty interesting historic facts about local parks

1 Which local park houses a memorial to the civilian casualties of Battersea in WW2?

2 Lots of local parks are well used and loved by dog walkers but which park was built around a Little Brown Dog?

3 Whose coronation is celebrated in Coronation Gardens, Southfields?

4 In 1930, the Dust Destructor was demolished over the Hallowe’en weekend. It took three days to dismantle and people took Monday off work to see the tall chimney come down. Which local park replaced it?

5 Heathbrook Park is in east Battersea. What does the ‘brook’ in the title refer to?

6 From 1917 local councils had authority to turn public parks into allotments for the war effort. Which is the oldest allotment site in Wandsworth that was created in this way?

7 How did Fred Wells Gardens in Battersea get its name? Who was he?

8 Which park is located over the ‘lost’ river, the Falcon Brook, which rises in Streatham and reaches the Thames at Battersea?

9 What was Furzedown Recreation Ground in Tooting/Streatham used for before it became a public park in 1923?

10 How did King George’s Park in Wandsworth get its name?

11 This public space was opened in 1763 and contains a Coade stone monument. What is it and where?

12 In what way was the date 1 April 1971 significant for many parks across London?

13 These day King George’s Park extends from Wandsworth Southside to Aboyne Road and Bodmin Street. Over many years, ‘fields’ have been added to the park. Can you state any previous uses of these fields?

14 What is the naturally shaped block of granite in Coronation Gardens, and who donated it to the public park?

15 Which local park used to feature cycle speedway, a popular sport in 1950s, including international events?

16 By what other name is the Mount Nod Burial Ground also known?

17 What is the York connection with Battersea that gives us York Gardens and York Road?

18 Which lane connects the old London-Portsmouth road with the Thames?

19 There are no bananas in Banana Park because its official name is Falcon Park. What does the Falcon refer to?

20 “The design was influenced by a move away from the very labour-intensive schemes of the Victorian era and a rise in the interest of organised sport from the 1880s onwards. This resulted in the centre of the Park being laid out as a playing field and ornamental planting being concentrated in the south-eastern corner.” Which local park is being described here?

The information given above was collected from the park management plans drawn up by Wandsworth Council Parks Service, the London Parks and Gardens Trust website on park histories, and Historic England listings.

If you have enjoyed the ‘quiz’, have a query or comment, or would like to suggest an amendment or addition to any of the answers, please contact Geraldine Kelly at parkstories2018@gmail.com. I hope you have enjoyed this ‘quiz’.


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