Space Cards…From Totterdown Street, Tooting!

An album for space stickers produced by Colinville of Totterdown Street, Tooting

Colinville Space Album Produced By Colinville of Totterdown Street, Tooting (Kindly Provided to THG by Alan Dein)

A wrapper for Fantasy of Space from Colinville of Totterdown Street, Tooting

Colinville Space Wrapper From Totterdown Street, Tooting (Kindly Provided To THG By Alan Dein)

There used to be a company in Tooting which produced collectable cards. In the late 1950s, a Company called Colinville, based at 6, Totterdown Street, produced cards about football, Stars of the Screen and Prairie Pioneers as well as the wonderful Space Card album and wrapper shown above.  The company were also ice cream makers.

Do you remember Colinville or the cards? Do you have any of the cards? Tooting History Group has been contacted by somebody researching the Company, so if you have any information about Colinville and their cards, please get in touch.


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3 comments on “Space Cards…From Totterdown Street, Tooting!

  1. David Severn says:

    I am astonished. I was born and brought up at 89 Totterdown so not very far away. Around the mid to late 50s I was collecting cards – either cigarette or the ones from packets of tea (Brooke Bond used to do them I think). Yet I have never heard of this company nor can I recall ever seeing any of their cards.


  2. Jay says:

    I have a full set of the fantasy of space cards series 1 and booklet


  3. Philip Manners says:

    How interesting.Thanks for posting.


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