Lodge In Tooting Bec Road Still At Risk-Council Report

Wandsworth Councillors this week (14th November 2018) considered an updated list of historic buildings in the Borough designated as “at risk”. The list included The Lodge at 100, Tooting Bec Road. The designation is made by Historic England. The Lodge is also the subject currently of a planning application to which there have been 32 objections. You can find the full report here

Picture of the Lodge, 100 Tooting Bec Road taken by Libby Lawson

The Lodge, Tooting Bec Road, 2018 (Photo:Libby Lawson)


The Committee Report Appendix gives the following update on the lodge:

“(h) Lodge, 100 Tooting Bec Road, SW17 (Bedford): This building was added to the
Register in 2010 following the closure of the garden centre that occupied the site up
to then. Planning and listed building applications to use the building for retail (A1) use
and ancillary office, together with a separate new building for use as a café and
storage facilities for cars in conjunction with car sales were approved in September
2012. As insufficient action had been taken by the owner to safeguard the future of
the building officers obtained approval in 2015 for the service of a Repairs Notice on
all those with a legal interest in the property. Following the service of the Repairs
Notice in early 2015 the owner initially started to carry out works, then after a
cessation of works the Council obtained authority to commence Compulsory
Purchase Proceedings. Repair works recommenced in 2016. Listed building
applications were submitted in 2016 for works of alterations to windows and doors
and refurbishment. One application to replace windows was refused and was subject
of an Appeal, which was dismissed by the Inspector. The other application was
subject to an Appeal against the conditions. The condition relating to the retention
and restoration of the front door was upheld by the Inspector; the other two
conditions relating to the reinstatement of lath and plaster ceilings and the
requirement for a like-for-like match for a number of windows were removed from the
permission by the Inspector. Following the Appeal decisions the Council wrote to the
applicant on 11 July 2017 requesting a timetable for the carrying out of the
outstanding works set out in the letter be submitted within 10 days. The letter also
stated that should this not be received then the Council will reconsider the
expediency of compulsory acquisition. By November 2017 the owner had sufficiently
completed the outstanding works to repair the listed building though the building
remained unoccupied and with hoardings around the site. The owner was given time
to submit applications to deal with the proper treatment to the boundaries and to set
out their intentions with regard to the building. As the hoardings were still in place by
December 2017 authority to serve an Enforcement Notice (Paper 18-23) was
obtained in January 2018. The owner was required to remove the hoardings by 23
June 2018. The hoardings were removed on 22 June by the owner who then
proceeded to erect a timber fence with open wire and green netting fixed to this. This
work requires planning permission. Further unauthorised works to the listed building
have been carried out in the form of a UPVC window. The owner has recently
submitted planning and listed building consent applications to regularise the works
carried out including the replacement front door. Officers of the Council have spent
considerable amounts of time on this case because of the initial non-compliance with
enforcement action at each stage by the owner. A fresh application to include the
building in the list of Assets of Community Value has been received.”

2 comments on “Lodge In Tooting Bec Road Still At Risk-Council Report

  1. Edna Moraes-DeSouza says:

    The lodge is a beautiful enlisted building and we in Tooting are and should be very proud of this magnificent building.
    The new owner purchased it and has done nothing to enhance it and now has come out with the most nonsensical suggestions. It has been covered up for the last 7 years and any temporary suggestions will go on for another 7+ years.
    Having storage facilities for cars in conjunction with car sales is also so very ridiculous. The borough obviously agreed to this in 2012 without thinking of the hideous sight it would bring to the front of this lovely building. They are obviously no interested in enhancing the building and area to bring Tooting Bec Road to the upmarket area it used to be. So sad that other great buildings in Tooting High Street and Mitcham have become so dilapidated and unsightly. I remember asking our previous MP to improve Tooting but he is gone and has now got more pressing responsibility then improving Tooting
    This historical building should be sold to a wealthy responsible organisation National Trust with a vision and love of preserving enlisted buildings
    Bring back some of the greenery that was there when it was a garden centre with a lovely well and maybe a large fish pond, a café selling organic food. Outside covered in tropical fern trees and a special SPA where our wounded soldiers could come for a break.
    My dream for the Lodge.


    • Piotr says:

      I felt in love with this building from day one I saw it! always wanted to reach out and explore option of implementing my coffee / organic / garden / flower store in.

      I just recently saw information that is now for rent but can’t find it anymore. Dose anyone has details?

      This building is to beautiful to be demolished! Lets bring it back to life once again!


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