Christmas Quiz Answers

Tooting History Group

Christmas Quiz 2018 Answers



  1. In how many locations around the world does the Commonwealth War Graves Commission care for memorials and graves?
  • 23,000



  1. The “Classic”, the “Mayfair” and the “Astoria” are names of former cinemas in Tooting. Which of them, located between Derinton and Lessingham Avenues, is now used by the Tooting Islamic Centre?


  • The Mayfair


  1. Which style of architecture influenced Frank Dickinson, designer and builder of Little Holland House in Carshalton? Was it
  • Arts and Crafts.


  1. The Tooting History Group joined with The Friends of Tooting Common to celebrate an anniversary at the Café. What was the anniversary?
  • 120 years since it opened.


  1. What was the occupation of Mr. Henry Thrale, who occupied Streatham Park with his wife Hester Thrale and entertained Dr. Johnson?
  • A brewer in Southwark.


  1. Which Tooting Community is associated with “crubeen”, “poteen” and the “wearing of the green”?
  • The Irish Community
  1. Who donated the drinking fountain on Tooting Bec Common, recently restored to working order by the Tooting Common Heritage project.
  • Joseph James Jones.



  1. Which of these GLC byelaws did NOT apply to Tooting Commons?
  • No person shall in any open space exercise racing pigeons.



  1. Which Tooting secondary school did local author Beryl Kingston attend during the war and later teach at:
  • Rosa Bassett.



  1. What was the land now occupied by Streatham Crematorium in Blackshaw Road previously used for?
  • Allotments.


  1. The ancient boundary of Tooting Graveney Parish is still marked in some places by original boundary markers. Which date or dates can you find on these boundary markers:
  • 1864
  • 1882





  1. In which year did Women of Tooting first get the vote?
  • 1918



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