Tooting Police Station Listed

Tooting Police Station From Above (James Evans Archoptical Ltd.)

Tooting Police Station and the adjacent Police Section House have been statutorily listed by Historic England, thanks to representations from Tooting History Group. The Police Station was built in 1939 to replace the older (demolished) building which used to be on Amen Corner. It has been empty since October 2020 and is scheduled for residential redevelopment.

THG Conservation officer Libby Lawson made representations to Historic England and they agreed to the Grade II listing on 4th May 2021. It is one of the landmark buildings of Tooting and local residents have widely welcomed the listing.

Libby Lawson said “Tooting History Group is delighted that Historic England has recognised the architectural value and significance of the 1939 former police station and section house. Each building’s architecture is indicative of the best Modernist, Art Deco style of that period. There is little external alteration to adversely affect their character; they remain remarkably intact and retain their visual dynamism today; bold uncompromising, still modern, graceful sculptural forms.

The building was already locally listed by Merton Borough Council which recognised its architecture and local popularity. The new owners have already expressed their appreciation of the building and a desire to retain its historic and architectural features. We await their plans for the building with interest.

The building was designed by Gilbert Mackenzie Trench, and was completed in July 1939. Trench was Surveyor & Architect to the Metropolitan Police from 1920 to 1945. He worked within the Receiver’s Office and is probably best known for his Police Box design which has become more popularly associated with the BBC TV programme Dr Who as his ‘Tardis’. “

You can read the full details of the Historic England listing here. (Did you know there are horse stables and a gymnasium in the basement?)

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  1. martinsbcc says:

    Well done THG!


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